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Top Quality Cyprus information security services. Egroup provides outstanding quality services to many top 500 companies in this area. For detailed services and proposed solution please do contact us. Our team of experts will be more than happy to discuss this further with you.

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Services offered:

  1. Disaster Recovery Plan Test.
  2. Penetration Testing Services & Ethical Hacking
  3. Training:
    1. Information Security Awareness training.
    2. Disaster Recovery Training plan for all employees.
    3. Cyprus telecommunication authority road-show / Training.

Disaster Recovery Plan Test.
Test - Audit & identify weak points in your plan.

When evaluating a disaster recovery (DR) plan, deficiencies can occur in numerous places. Egroup Services as an outside expert consultant in this area, will help you spot any weaknesses in your plan. Most of today’s disaster recovery and business continuity standards feature a well-defined framework for business continuity/disaster recovery programs and plans. Following this framework doesn’t mean that your plan will save your business when a disaster occurs, but at least you can be assured that you have covered all the relevant bases. Egroup, based in its extensive focused experience in this area will identify deficiencies in—your disaster recovery plan..

Our company enjoys more than 20 years of experience in business continuity management as consultants, authors and implementers. We have been directly involved with dozens of Cyprus Banks and IT/telecom consulting and audit engagements ranging from governance program development, program exercising, execution and maintenance.
Kindly ask for a proposal with 34 check listed paragraphs to be identified within your plan as mandatory based on regulations and standards.

Our in-depth study will cover the following items and not only… These are broken down into many paragraphs and layouts so as to be an actual working Disaster Recovery Plan, audited by 3rd parties, and make sure it is in compliance with Central Bank and other EU authorities.

  1. Define mission-critical company functions and establish a hierarchy of operational importance.
  2. List mission-critical personnel and their job functions.
  3. List equipment needs of critical personnel.
  4. Determine site relocation for contingency.
  5. Establish a recovery event task list.
  6. Document current computer data backup methods and frequencies.
  7. Identify hard copy documents vital to the company that cannot currently be re-created electronically.
  8. Identify mission-critical items vital to company operations that would be required in the event of a disaster emergency.
  9. Form an internal emergency response or crisis committee with employees assigned to specific crisis functions.
  10. Members assist in creating the disaster recovery plan and are responsible for specific functions.
  11. Create a crisis management media kit.
  12. You would include spokesperson info, news releases, and letters to employees, clients and providers.
  13. Create a systematic schedule for updating the plan.

Measure and evaluate — test the plan.

If you think you’re too busy to actually go through these steps in your own firm, we are here to help.

Information Security Services

Information Security:

Information Security services include but are not limited to the following categories:

  • ISO 27001 Preparation, implementation and audit. (On Site)
    • Policy implementation and enforce.
    • Security enhancement.
  • Implementation of Security controls: (On Site)
    • DLP, IDS/IPS, Next-gen Firewalls, Disaster recovery plan, Access controls, DMZ, SIEM etc.
  • Penetration test:
    • Internal audit: (On Site)
      • White box (full knowledge of internal infrastructure) & Crystal box Attacks (Simulation of limited access employee attack):
        • Port/service Scanning.
        • Vulnerability assessment (Application, OS, network).
        • UAC exploitation.
        • Hardware (router/access point/firewall/switch etc.) security assessment.
        • Password/account cracking.
        • Wired and wireless security assessment.
        • Antivirus security assessment.
        • Vulnerability exploitation.
        • Privilege escalation.
        • Reporting.
      • External audit:     (Remotely)    
        • Black box attacks (Simulation of real black hat hacking attacks, zero knowledge):
          • Port/service Scanning.
          • Web application security assessment.
          • Web services security assessment.
          • Vulnerability assessment (Web application, Server, Firewall).
          • Password/account cracking.
          • Vulnerability exploitation.
          • Privilege escalation.
          • Reporting.
          • DDOS.
        • Social Engineering (Simulation of real black hat hacking attacks, zero knowledge): (On Site & Remotely)
          • Custom designed Social engineering attacks to test both physical security of infrastructure and security knowledge of employees.

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